What Causes Stomach Flu?

What Causes Stomach Flu? Dr Rahul Talele March 20, 2023 Bacteria, parasites, toxins, or viruses can cause gastrointestinal tract irritation. Other causes may also affect the stomacha and cause stomach flu. Viruses: Norovirus(in adults) and Rotavirus (in children) are the most common causes of stomach flu.  although rare, bacteriaand parasites can also cause stomach flu. …

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Symptoms of Stomach Flu

Symptoms of Stomach Flu Dr Rahul Talele March 20, 2023 Stomach flu affects the stomach and intestines, which causes watery or loose stool. Consult your doctor if notice the below signs and symptoms. Symptoms include: Stomach Pain Nausea and Vomating Low-grade Fever Fatigue Watery or loose diarrhea(More than 3 times a day) Dehydration Occasinally, Muscle …

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What is Stomach FLu?

What is Stomach FLu? Dr Rahul Talele March 20, 2023 Stomach Flu, also referred to as Gastroenteritis, is the inflammation or irritation of the stomach and intestine leading to diarrhea and vomiting. Symptoms include: Abdominal Pain Dehydration Vomating Diarrhea Fatigue It can be caused by germs in the stomach (virus, bacteria, or parasites). It is …

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